Access to Hemlock Falls

Access to Hemlock Falls is controlled by the Mohican Outdoor School as it is necessary to cross the school property to get to the Falls.  Access during the week throughout the year is limited due to schools in session and utilizing the falls for scientific study.  Please call the school at 419-938-6671 Mon-Fri to check to see if a school is in session before hiking to Hemlock Falls during the week.  It is not necessary to call the school if you will be hiking to Hemlock Falls on the weekend.  However there is no parking available and cars parked in the Field Trip Center driveway will be ticketed or towed from the parking area in the event that our Field Trip Center has been rented by a private group.  We hope to have a dedicated Hemlock Falls parking lot completed near the trail head by Summer 2019.

Guided Hikes to

Hemlock Falls

Mohican Outdoor School Staff will lead guided hikes periodically throughout the year to Hemlock Falls.  2019 schedule will be listed by late January.                  Pre-registration is required. Please meet at the Hemlock Falls Field Trip Center located at 5391 Bunkerhill North Rd. in Butler, OH.


January 13, 2018: Nature in Winter: a Tale of Survival at Hemlock Falls

February 10, 2018: Sweethearts of Hemlock Falls

March 10, 2018: Early Spring Wildflowers of Hemlock Falls

April 14, 2018: Late Spring Wildflowers of Hemlock Falls

May 12, 2018: Birds of Hemlock Falls (binoculars provided or bring your own)

June 9, 2018: Geology of Hemlock Falls

July 14, 2018: Insects of Hemlocks Falls

August 11, 2018: Mushrooms, Fungi & Poisonous Plants of Hemlock Falls

September 8, 2018: Edible Wild Plants of Hemlock Falls

October 13, 2018: Legends & Stories of Hemlock Falls

November 10, 2018: The Delaware Tribe of Hemlock Falls

December 8, 2018: Tracks & Scat of Hemlock Falls

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